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NavDaF - Navigation for Directories and Files

Thank you for visiting this website. This is the web-home of the NavDaF project! NavDaF Project has started in March 2003.

For installation please read the documentation.

What is NavDaF?

NavDaF (aka "Navigation for Directories and Files") provides classes and scripts to be implemented in a website by a developer/webmaster so users may easily navigate through this website.

NavDaF is intended for small sites that don't use a CMS but maybe some editors like Dreamweaver. The scripts and classes then may be implemented in the templates to display navigational layout elements like directory and file indexes of the current directory on all or many pages of the site.

Key facts:

  • Programming language: PHP (scripts, functions or classes)
  • OS: OS-independent (hopefully all OS that PHP is running on)
  • Data access: only current files within the website (or include path), no database access
  • CSS: all layout handling is configurated via css files (no formatting within php)
  • Configuration: all configuration is done within seperate configuration files (e.g. navigation.ini.php), mainly INI-files
  • Semaphore files: with semaphore files you may influence the behavior of NavDaF (e.g. when the the file ".ignorenav_files" exists no file listing of that directory will be shown)

Site structure

Feel free to try the navigation in this website, it's all made with NavDaF! This site has the following sections that are all part of the download package of NavDaF:

  • Demonstration
    This section contains a demonstration of NavDaF's capabilities with examples and descriptions.
  • Documentation
    Normal - human written - documentation of NavDaF. Includes installation and directory structure of packages.
  • phpdoc
    The API documentation made with PHPDocumentor.

You may find additional information on this site but all you need to make NavDaF running on your site is in these sections.

The download section (hopefully you want to download NavDaF...) is located on


The glorious NavDaF ist distributed under the terms of GPL.


  • You will need a webserver running PHP 4.2 (or later).
  • The php.ini option "allow_url_fopen" must be set to true (1) because NavDaF may try to open files via URL.

And - of course - you will need a filesystem because NavDaF is based on reading files in the filesystem. No, you don't need a database like MySQL.



It works (08.12.2003)

Although there are no activities in this project - NavDaF works! It works so good - I had no motivation developing a new version.
Maybe you would like some new features?

Version 1.00 is out (29.04.2003)

I finally got Version 1.00 working as I wanted it to.

Next Update (23.03.2003)

I don't really know - so why should I tell you? I'm working on next version.